Recent News

Paper accepted at EMSOFT'19!

Our paper on ``Statistical Verification of Hyper-properties for Cyber-Physical Systems" has been accepted at EMSOFT'19 in NYC and will appear in the ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems!

IEEE TCCPS Early-Career Award!

May 2019 - Dr. Pajic receives the 2019 IEEE Technical Committee on Cyber-Physical Systems (TCCPS) Early-Career Award for "outstanding contributions to design and analysis methodologies for high-assurance cyber-physical systems"!

Pratt annoncement is here

ACM SIGBED Early Career Award!

April 2019 - Dr. Pajic receives the 2019 ACM SIGBED Early Career Award for "outstanding contributions by early career investigators in the area of embedded, real-time, and cyber-physical systems"!

Pratt Engineering annoncement is here

Paper accepted at CAV'19!

April 2019 - Paper "Security-Aware Synthesis using Delayed Action Games” has been accepted at the 31st International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification (CAV'19)!

New AFOSR Center of Excellence!

April 2019 - CPSL@Duke will be leading the security thrust in the new 6-year AFOSR Center of Excellence focused on Assuring Autonomy in Contested Environments!

Pratt annoncement is here

Paper accepted at IEEE TAC!

January 2019 - Paper "Relaxing Integrity Requirements for Cyber-Physical Systems" has been accepted at the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control!

Paper accepted at ETFA'19!

May 2019 - Our paper on “Synchronization of Distributed Controllers in Cyber-Physical Systems” has been accepted at the 24th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA'19)!

Paper accepted at IEEE TCST!

April 2019 - Our paper "Distributing Sequential Control for Manufacturing Automation Systems” has been accepted at the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology!

New NSF Grant!

April 2019 - We received a new NSF grant from the Communications, Circuits, and Sensing-Systems (CCSS) Program on "Adaptive Protocol Synthesis and Error Recovery in Micro-Electrode-Dot-Array (MEDA) Microfluidic Biochips"!

NSF IUCRC for ASIC Kick-off!

February 2019 - Our new NSF IUCRC for Alternative Sustainable and Intelligent Computing (ASIC) has its kickoff meeting on Feb 14-15th!

Paper accepted at ICRA'19!

January 2019 - Our paper on "Security-Aware Synthesis of Human-UAV Protocols" has been accepted at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA'19)!

Paper accepted at IoTDI'19!

January 2019 - Our paper on "Reliable Industrial IoT-Based Distributed Automation" has been accepted at the ACM/IEEE Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI, CPS-IoT Week 19)!

Paper Accepted at TACAS'19

January 2019 - Our paper on "LCV: A Verification Tool for Linear Controller Software" has been accepted at the International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS)!

IEEE Senior Member!

March 2019 - Dr. Pajic is now an IEEE Senior member. "IEEE Senior Membership is an honor bestowed only to those who have made significant contributions to the profession"! 

IEEE TCCPS Member-at-Large

January 2019: Dr. Pajic has been elected as a member-at-large of the IEEE Technical Committee on Cyber-Physical Systems (TCCPS)!

Paper accepted at IEEE THMS!

December 2018 - Our paper on "Operator Strategy Model Development in UAV Hacking Detection" has been accepted at the IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems.

New NSF CPS Medium Grant!

July 2018 - CPSL has received a 3-year grant from the National Science Foundation, Cyber-Physical Systems Program for "Human-on-the-Loop Control for Smart Ultrasound Imaging", with our partners from Mayo Clinic.

IBM Faculty Award!

July 2018 - Dr. Pajic receives IBM Faculty Award for his work on anomaly detection in cyber-physical systems!

Paper accepted at CDC'18

July 2018 - Our paper on "Secure State Estimation with Cumulative Message Authentication" has been accepted at the 57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC'18)!

Grant from the Lord Foundation of North Carolina!

June 2018 - CPSL received a 1-year grant from the Lord Foundation of North Carolina for "Development of Hardware-in-the Loop Testbeds and Course Modules for Hands-on Student Experiences in Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems".

Co-Chairing ICCPS'19 TPC!

May 2018 - Dr. Pajic will co-chair the Technical Program Comittee for the 10thACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS'19), the premier conference in the domain of cyber-physical systems! Submit your best work.

Intel/NSF project on CPS Security renewed!

May 2018 - Our Intel/NSF project on CPS security will be funded for two more years!

Nortel Networks Chair in Pratt School of Engineering!

February 2018 - Dr. Pajic receives Nortel Networks Professorship from Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University!

Paper accepted at IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control!

January 2018 - Paper on "Continuous Estimation Using Context-Dependent Discrete Measurement" has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control!