Current Members


Miroslav  Pajic, PhD

Miroslav Pajic, PhD

miroslav DOT pajic AT duke DOT edu

Postdoctoral Fellows

Amir  Khazraei, Ph.D

Amir Khazraei, Ph.D

My research interests are control theory, cyber-physical systems, and machine learning

Shaocheng  Luo, Ph.d

Shaocheng Luo, Ph.d

My research interest focuses on multi-robot system control, collaborative perception, and security-aware cyber-physical systems

PhD Students

Alper Kamil  Bozkurt

Alper Kamil Bozkurt

I am interested in developing learning-based algorithms that synthesize provably safe and reliable controllers for cyber-physical systems.

Anne  French

Anne French

Qitong  Gao

Qitong Gao

My research interests include offline reinforcement learning and policy evaluation for control of robotics systems and medical devices, as well as machine learning for healthcare data analysis.

Spencer  Hallyburton

Spencer Hallyburton

Hao-Lun  Hsu

Hao-Lun Hsu

I am interested in developing reinforcement learning/ multi-armed bandit algorithms with application to dynamic physical systems, such as robotics and neuromodulation.

David M Hunt

David M Hunt

mmWave radar Automotive radar security

Haocheng  Meng

Haocheng Meng

Muhammad Abdullah  Naeem

Muhammad Abdullah Naeem

I am interested in Control Theory, Mathematical Optimization, and Cyber-Physical Systems

Masters Students

Guangyu  Feng

Guangyu Feng

My research interests include medical wearable systems, the internet of things, and cyber-physical systems

Yifei  Ke

Yifei Ke

Minhui  Yu

Minhui Yu

My research is mainly focused on biomedical image analysis using Artificial Intelligence technologies.


Jamee  Krzanich

Jamee Krzanich


Research Scientists

Zivana Jakovljevic

Professor at University of Belgrade, School of Mechanical Engineering. She was at CPSL@Duke as a Visiting Scholar in 2018. 

Postdoctoral Fellows

Yu Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow | Next position: Assistant Professor, University of Florida

Aditya Zutshi

Next position: Research Scientist, Galois, Portland, OR.

PhD Students

Mahmoud Elfar

PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Vuk Lesi, PhD

PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering | Next position: Research Scientist, Security&Privacy Research, Intel Labs

Siddhartha Nalluri

PhD Candidate in Department of Computer Science; Next position: Bloomberg

Masters Students

Afsana Chowdhury

MS Candidate, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering | Next position: System Software Engineer, NVIDIA

Mingzhe Hu

MS in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Next position: PhD Student at Emory University CSI

Ilija Jovanov

MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Now: Amazon Robotics, Boston, MA.

Yupei Liu

MS Candidate, Department of Computer Science | Next position: Software Engineer at MathWorks

Michael Naumann

MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lang Qin

MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Next position: Microsoft

Shucheng Zhang

MS in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science | Next position: PhD at University of Washington


Kristen Angell

ECE undergraduate – Next position: Analog Devices

Matthew Cleaveland

ECE undergraduate – Next position: PhD Student at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Milos Grubor

Visiting undergraduate student from ETF Belgrade, Serbia (Summer 2018)

Edward Kim

ECE undergraduate, received NSF Fellowship – Next position: PhD student at Berkeley

Brianna Loomis

ECE/BME undergraduate – Next position: PhD Student at the University of Pennsylvania

Nishant Patel

Visiting undergraduate student from IIT Gandhinagar, India (Summer 2017)

Adithya Raghunathan

ECE undergraduate – Next position: Software Engineer, Facebook, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Kaustubh Sridhar

Visiting undergraduate student from IIT Bombay, India (Summer 2018); Next position: PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania

Yi Yan Tay

ECE undergraduate – Next position: Google, Cloud Security and Privacy team

Jeffrey Wubbenhorst

ECE undergraduate student

Nate Zelter

ECE/CS undergraduate | Next position: Annapurna Labs (AWS)