Welcome to the Cyber-Physical Systems Lab at Duke!

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    Cyber-Physical Systems are the next generation of time-critical and safety-critical, networked and embedded control systems, in domains spanning from autonomous vehicles, industrial automation and advanced manufacturing, to medical devices and systems, energy-efficient buildings, and smart cities.

    We focus on fundamental and application-specific problems related to modeling, design and analysis. Our goal is to provide strong safetyefficiencyrobustness, and security guarantees as part of CPS design and integration procedures.

About CPSL@Duke

CPSL@Duke brings together expertise from electrical, computer and biomedical engineering, as well as computer science fields to study the interaction between the physical world and computing systems with varying levels of autonomy. 

Our research focus is on development of high-assurance system design methodologies for Cyber-Physical Systems, which is at the confluence of embedded systems, formal methods and control theory. The long-term goal is to integrate system modelinganalysis and automatic synthesis into composable design procedures that ensure closed-loop system safety and desired performance under known and unknown operating conditions, and even in the presence of malicious activity.

Join the Lab

We are looking for PhD students and postdocs with interests and expertise in embedded systems, formal methods, control theory, and cyber-physical systems!