Security Analysis of Camera-LiDAR Fusion for Autonomous Vehicles

Vulnerability of Camera-LiDAR Based Perception

Frustum Attack Spoofing: The frustum attack was conceived as a black-box method of retaining consistency of LiDAR spoofing attacks between camera and LiDAR sensor data.

Compromises LiDAR-Based Perception: The frustum attack has demonstrated ability to compromise both LiDAR-only and camera-LiDAR fusion across 6 different perception architectures, including point-based, voxel-based, and bird's-eye-view LiDAR-only architectures and cascaded semantic, integrated semantic, and feature-level camera-LiDAR fusion architectures.

Stealthy Against Specialized Defenses:The frustum attack has currently been shown stealthy against CARLO, SVF, and ShadowCatcher defenses. It also suggests to be stealthy to LIFE, as reported in the original work.

Standard Camera-LiDAR Fusion Architectures